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Alanna Elizabeth
Your heart understands what your head cannot yet conceive - trust your heart.

I'm starting to post a lot of personal entries, so I figured it was time to f-lock my journal.  Feel free to comment if you would like to be added - I love new friends.  :)

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As most of you know, I took a trip to New Jersey/New York City a few weeks ago. To say it was the trip of a lifetime is a definite understatement!

I was doing my best not to be a procrastinator this time and started scrapbooking some pictures from my trip today. (Out of 250+ pictures, I managed to select 34 for my Travel scrapbook. Yay me!) I worked close to 10 hours today and I managed to finish all of my pages. The lovely tempertemper requested some pictures, so here they are.

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Title: In Its Time, Love Will Be Mine
Author: [info]trust_your_hart 
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 5.16 (Parts in the Sum of the Whole) and 6.13 (Daredevil in the Mold)
Summary:  Oneshot for 'Daredevil in the Mold' - Brennan's thoughts before joining Booth at the bar.
A/N: I promised melissasdavid  that I'd try to write something from Brennan's POV after the very emotional ending in 'Daredevil in the Mold'. I hope you like it, hon!  Many, many thanks to [info]hpaich  for beta-ing this baby! Title taken from Trading Yesterday''s 'The Beauty and the Tragedy', which I HIGHLY recommend


Though he wasn’t hers to fix, the need to salvage the pieces of this broken man was painfully strong.Collapse )


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Sorry for the delay in getting these up. I had slight technical difficulties with some of my furniture, and as a result I couldn't get all my boxes unpacked as quickly as I would have liked. :)

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Hey, everyone!  I'm just dropping by to announce the winner of the Bones Finale Contest. Bet you all forgot about that, didn't you? ;)

Anyway, without further ado - the winner of 'BONES - Season 5' (when the DVDs are released) is.....

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The Bones Finale Contest ends at 10pm this Friday, so you still have a few days to submit your theories!

Read the Original Post here!

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I need some advice/opinions from those of you who are better with logistics than I am!

I’ve been going back and forth with lizook12  today about theories for the S5 finale. At one point I joked that we should start a pool and take bets about what the outcome is going to be. Then, I realized that was a very good idea!

Here’s what I’m proposing: I will buy a copy of the S5 DVDs (when they’re released) to the person who comes closest to guessing what will happen in the finale.

Here’s what I need from all you smart people: How can I make this work? Liz suggested having people submit their theories in the comments of a later post. These comments will be screened so people can’t steal ideas from one another (not that any of YOU would do that, but you never know). This seems like a very good idea, and kind of what I plan on doing.

Should I require 3 key points within each submission and the person who hits the highest number of these points wins?

Also, there’s the issue of spoiler readers and non-spoiler readers. We have 6 weeks until the finale – if I can get the contest started within the next few days, it should be early enough that a HUGE number of finale spoilers won’t be released yet. (I know a few have, but they’re somewhat vague at this point.)

So, talk to me people! Give me any thoughts/opinions/advice you can offer! I’ve never hosted a contest of any sort before, so I want to make sure it makes sense logistically and that it is fair for everyone. There are many, many variables that have to be taken into account, which is why I'm turning to you all.

Many thanks in advance for the help!

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As most of you know, cupcakebean came to Omaha for Fangirl Weekend #2.  Here is our tale. ;)

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